Walnut Hill Medical Center Offers MediGuide™ Technology To Treat Heart Rhythm Irregularities

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


GPS Capabilities Provide Real-Time Location Of Devices Inside The Heart,
Potentially Reducing Amount of Radiation Received By Patient 


          (Dallas, TX – July 22, 2014) – Walnut Hill Medical Center (WHMC) is one of a handful of health care providers in the state of Texas to offer MediGuide™ technology to treat atrial fibrillation and other heart rhythm irregularities. The technology incorporates GPS capabilities to provide a real-time location of the heart catheter and show the path the catheter needs to follow to reach the problem area in the heart. Electromagnetic signals track miniature sensors embedded in MediGuide-enabled devices inside the heart. This shows the device’s location throughout the procedure. The location is then superimposed on prerecorded fluoroscopy images. Using prerecorded images instead of live x-rays during a procedure potentially reduces the duration of radiation exposure.

            “MediGuide™ enables us to perform electrophysiology procedures with imaging technology that is safer for our patients because it greatly decreases the amount of radiation to which they are exposed,” explains Dale Yoo, MD, an interventional electrophysiologist on the medical staff of WHMC. “The investment in this technology is a further demonstration of the hospital’s commitment to providing an excellent patient experience, including his or her safety as well as comfort. I am excited to be able to offer this cutting-edge capability to my patients.”

            “We are pleased to offer this revolutionary new technology to our patients who require interventional procedures to correct heart problems,” says Cory Countryman, chief executive officer of Walnut Hill Medical Center. “We believe that every patient deserves the safest, most appropriate care and MediGuide is the latest example of our commitment to that belief. We will continue our efforts to bring the residents of North Texas the latest diagnostic and treatment technology.”

            The current standard practice for viewing devices in the heart uses continuous, live fluoroscopy, which is a rapid series of x-ray images taken throughout the course of the procedure. While the benefits of imaging performed by fluoroscopy are important, studies show that the ionizing radiation from repeated exposure to fluoroscopy over time may present a number of potential health hazards to the patient.

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