Walnut Hill Medical Center Strengthens Focus on Patients With On-Demand Video & Audio Medical Interpreting Services

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Certified interpreters provide clear, culturally appropriate communication 


          (Dallas, TX – June 17, 2014) – Walnut Hill Medical Center (WHMC), a new 8-story, 100-bed, acute-care hospital, has partnered with Video Medical Interpreting to provide on-demand medical interpretation in 13 video languages, more than 200 audio languages and American Sign Language. Video Medical Interpreting is not an automated translator or a Skype-type service with interpreters. Using highly trained, certified medical interpreters, patients receive clear, accurate medical information that is culturally appropriate to help them and their families make informed decisions about their care, all at the touch of a button.

            “The patient is at the center of all that we do,” says Cory Countryman, Walnut Hill Medical Center’s chief executive officer. “The Dallas-Fort Worth area is international in terms of population. Our commitment to patient-centered care encompasses providing a culturally appropriate experience for our patients and their families. It is vitally important that each patient and his or her family understand complex medical information that impacts his or her treatment and care. The innovative, patient-friendly medical interpretation service provided by Video Medical Interpreting is just what the doctor ordered.”

            Video Remote Interpreting connects patients with on-demand interpreters. The service includes American Sign Language, 13 video languages and more than 200 audio languages. InDemand, the parent company of Video Remote Interpreting, only focuses on medical interpreting. Interpreters are highly trained and certified in their language and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The technology is supported by a sophisticated network built to minimize latency to insure quality conversations and contains clinical features, like privacy screens to provide the utmost in comfort for every patient. The service is HIPAA compliant.

            Walnut Hill Medical Center opened in April with four portable InDemand interpreting units, giving caregivers the ability to communicate with patients who are hearing impaired or who are not English speakers.   

            “We are pleased to provide this critically important service to our patients,” says Countryman. “Our goal is to make every patient’s experience the best it can be.”

About Walnut Hill Medical Center: Walnut Hill Medical Center is a 100-bed, acute-care hospital for adults who seek uncompromising patient care from renowned physicians and a compassionate staff. Located in the heart of Dallas, we are the hospital that pledges to create superior outcomes and an unsurpassed patient experience as well as an enriching environment for team members. For more information about Walnut Hill Medical Center, go to WalnutHillMC.com. Connect with us through Facebook and LinkedIn.

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