We serve patients and caregivers. Respectfully.

It’s one thing to receive health care. It’s another to be truly cared for. In our hospital, patients are always the center of attention. We empower patients to make decisions about treatment options. We consider their cultural traditions, personal values, family support, social circumstances and lifestyles to provide the most appropriate, personalized care. Finally, we follow these guidelines in caring for patients:

1.  We consider all team members caregivers.
2.  We view patient care as an ongoing healing relationship.
3.  We customize care according to each patient’s needs, values and choices.
4.  We freely share information with patients, care partners, physicians and other caregivers.
5.  We provide a healing environment of comfort, peace and support.
6.  We consider our patient’s family and friends as essential members of their care team.
7.  We make patient safety a visible priority.
8.  We maintain transparency at all levels of patient care.
9.  All caregivers cooperate with each other and focus on the patient’s best interests.
10. Patients are always in control of their care.